To involve the community in creating a sustainable and productive environment, we are indebted to all the people who contribute their time to help LCN fulfill its mission.

Diverse Tasks

We have people who perform a variety of tasks including general maintenance, minor construction, welding, reticulation, pot washing, soil preparation, weeding, general cleaning, producing plant cuttings, sowing seeds and monitoring plant health.

Leadership Opportunites

Volunteers have assumed leadership in all aspects of the nursery: Revegetation Production, Landscape Plant Production, and Nursery Care and Maintenance.


We receive volunteers from Volunteer South West, Community First, Skill Hire, People Sense, Forrest Personnel, and Enable.  We’re very fortunate to have a large number of volunteers with an even larger range of skills who come along, regularly or otherwise, and add to the fun and social atmosphere.

Building Links

There are regular visits from community groups, schools, Institute of Technology students and others who want to learn about growing native plants. These visits provide the chance to build new links and in many instances, they have led to exciting and very productive relationships.

Volunteer Hours are from 8 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday. We endeavour to keep this a relaxed atmosphere where you are welcome to volunteer for as many hours as you like within this time-frame.

If you would like to enquire about volunteering please email Jacquie, our Nursery Manager at:

Or book in for an Induction HERE.