Our Vision


The great vision driving all work at the nursery is for the conservation of the great diversity of native plants and animals in our region to be assured. It’s a big vision and we are just one playing a role in achieving it.

Our provision of local plants – the task we have set ourselves to contribute to this goal – is made possible by the many willing volunteers and small team of dedicated and highly trained staff who combined, have an extensive knowledge base about the propagation of native plants and conservation techniques tailored to the South West conditions.

We are dedicated to encouraging the use of local native species in the rehabilitation of land, waterways, wetlands, coastal areas and urban gardens in the South West of Western Australia.

We supply South West native plants to a wide range of clients including: local shires, government departments, landscapers, mining companies, farmers and the public.

For larger orders, we grow to order. On average we grow over 150,000 plants annually and this includes over 300 different species. We grow these plants from either seeds or cuttings, all seeds are collected by our licensed seed collecting team.

How we engage with our local community:

1.We encourage a diverse range of community members to join our volunteer family at the nursery. 

2. We encourage the public to come and visit our retail nursery which is open 8 am to 1 pm, Monday to Friday where we can provide excellent advice on the specific needs of each person\’s garden or larger property. 

3. We hold regular workshops for adults and children that cover a wide range of topics to educate the community about the importance of conserving of our South West native flora, gardening with natives,  biodiversity and encouraging people to become aware of the ecosystems around them.

Pultenaea skinneri