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The Leschenault Community Nursery is a not-for-profit social enterprise growing South West Native Plants and providing much needed places for community members to undertake voluntary or compulsory volunteer hours. The nursery accumulated the facilities using mainly secondhand equipment or reclaimed materials.


It’s time to upgrade and provide our wonderful and growing team of ‘volunteers’ with better working conditions.

We have had great support from our Sponsors.


Current Sponsors

The multi-purpose transportable building installed at Leschenault Community Nursery in 2014 was funded by a grant from Lotterywest . This has provided a shop-front for customers, an office for staff, and a venue for training workshops, with disabled access, kitchen and toilet. Go to the Lotterywest website for information on applying for a grant.
The Port of Bunbury administered by  Southern Ports Authority operates one of the State’s major exporting ports, serving the South West region of Western Australia. More information about the Port of Bunbury can be found at www.southernports.com.au
The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation WA supports Western Australia's growth and development by managing the availability and quality of water sustainably – now and for the future.

Charlie Viola Contracting donated free labour for the installation of the footings for the new transportable and the concrete was provided at cost price.

Thank you Charlie!
Charlie can be phoned on 0406 274 897 for more information.

Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd has mineral sands mining and mineral processing operations in south west Western Australia, producing titanium and zirconium products to be converted into high value products.
The Body Shop Bunbury is committed to helping protect the planet, defending human rights, activating self-esteem, supporting community trade and remaining strong on our stance against animal testing.
Fungalore is a monthly event at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Bunbury that gives local bands the chance to take to the stage and raise money for good causes. .

Sponsors Summary

Sponsor Item Cost Purpose
Lotterywest Grant (December 2012) Purpose-built
$107,470 Construction of a purpose-built shed to support the social
enterprise activities of the nursery.
South West Development Commission (2017) "Local Projects, Local Jobs" Sustainability Project $50,000 Project Officer, increased working capital & run workshops
Southern Ports Authority (SPA) incorporating the Port of Bunbury Facilities In kind Providing site facilities
Charlie Viola Contracting Concreting Cost Price Footings for the new transportable
Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER_WA) Services In kind Providing infrastructure services
Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd (Doral)
$1,650 To enable the Nursery to be more visible to distant passing
FUNGALORE charity event (February
‘The Mig’ welder $450 To make benches and modify trolleys
The Body Shop Bunbury (2012) 3 New Benches $130 each Made on site by ‘The Mig’ these are replacing our ‘too old, too
low’ benches. We need over 100 of these.

See our Sponsors Application Form so you too can fund Nursery items