Here are some photos taken by our resident photographer Swie Lan Wiggins. Swie Lan uses the latest technology and photographic equipment (an iphone 6) to take both general and close up shots of some of the plants and wildlife in our nursery.

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Brandon Kelly (dept mayor) board members and Deb invited to LCN BBQ Spring Fling Shaun, Jackie & Pauline - BBQ Jeanette & Betty - BBQ
Chris, Scott & Robin - BBQ Deb & John -BBQ Carolyn, Helen & others - BBQ
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Plants & Critters

Frog Blue Ringed Damselfly Grevillea pimeleoides
Templetonia retusa Pultenaea skinneri Globules
Hakea laurina Grevillea olivacea RED Grevillea vestita
Scaevola crassifolia Hardenbergia comptoniana Eucalyptus caesia More globules